Have questions? We have answers.

Do you provide live music and DJ services for more than just weddings?

Yes! We play for many wedding ceremonies and receptions, but we also play for anniversaries, birthday parties, graduations, grand openings, indoor and outdoor events... you name it! Contact us today to play for your event.

How do I reserve your services for my wedding date?

Once you have your wedding location booked, we send an agreement for your sign and ask for a 20% deposit to reserve the date. The final payment is due one month before your wedding so you have one less thing for your to-do list on the day of your wedding.

What happens if you get sick?

We have thankfully never had to miss an event in all of our 10+ years of performing! That being said, we have DJs and musicians who have worked for us in the past that are on call in case something should happen.

Do you play outdoors? Are there any special considerations that need to be made?

Yes, we do play outdoors! Our equipment will need to be under the cover of a tent or awning of some kind and we require access to power. Our system can run off one dedicated outlet or extension cord.

Will you learn new songs to play live for our ceremony or reception?

Yes! We are happy to learn up to five new songs for your event (sometimes more, depending on the circumstances). For a complete song list of our current repertoire, please contact us. (Please note that our musical style lends itself to music with singing, as opposed to instrumental music.)

Can we requested DJed songs to be played? How many songs should we request?

You can request as many songs as you would like! Most often couples pick 5-20 songs. We are also happy to help with suggestions! Typically in a 4 hours dance there is enough time for 50-60 songs, but we do suggest that you leave some open space for requests from your guests during the evening.